Friday, July 25, 2014

Ghostbusters Cupcakes

Who you gonna call?  Ghostbusters!  Who you gonna call for Ghostbusters Cupcakes?  Me!

I used royal icing transfers for the ghostbusters toppers.  Basically I put the print outs under wax paper (I taped it down so there was no chance of movement) and piped with flood icing on top of the picture so that I could get a perfect version.

I waited a few minutes between each color, letting them dry under a fan.

I let them dry over night before I used a Foodoodler to draw on the face and details.

For the slimers I piped the body in sections letting each one dry for a little before adding the next.

The ghostbuster cupcakes were strawberry cake with vanilla icing and the Slimer was vanilla cake filled with lime curd slime and topped with vanilla icing tinted green.

I heard they were a hit!

50 and Fabulous Purse and Shoe Cookies

I recently had an order for shoe and purse cookies and I was really given free reign on what I could do.  I have really wanted to try leopard print and this seemed like a perfect opportunity.  I used the tutorial on Sweetambs YouTube channel for the leopard print and it was surprisingly easy and fun to do.

Since I am pretty new to cookie decorating (I've been doing it for about 2 months) I am relying on the ideas of others for somethings. When it came to the purse design I found a leopard print version on Oh Sugar Events blog that I just loved and she was kind enough to give me permission to use it.

Here are the final product and I have to be honest I can't wait to do the leopard print again!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Gilmore Girls Cookies

Anyone who knows me knows that one of my favorite shows of all time is Gilmore Girls, I mean my youngest daughter is nicknamed Rory for goodness sake!  I love it so much that I pretty much forced it on anyone around me, trying to get them to appreciate the smart and funny Gilmores.  I succeeded in recruiting some fans, including my brother if you can believe it!  And my favorite fellow fan is my wonderful cousin Alaina. Her 21st birthday was this past July 12 and I just knew I has to do some Gilmore Girl theme cookies for her.

 I search for some ideas for these cookies and there was not much out there but, I did find Hello Cookies version and they were awesome!  They inspired these cookies, but I did make some changes to include my favorite parts of the show.  If you haven't checked out Hello Cookie's facebook page you should she is amazing!!

Here is my version, I am over the moon at how they turned out!

I used Foodoodlers to get the fonts just right and for the details on the dragonfly.  I just love the chalkboard look with the black icing and the white painted on food coloring, I see some teacher themed cookies in my future!

I just can't stop looking at them I love them so much!

Here they are all packed up for gifting!  Alaina loved them!  If you want to see the Gilmore Themed gift basket I made for her check out the post on Love Bug Nest.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sophia the First Cookies

Anyone who has a little girl from the ages of 2 to 6 in there house knows about Sophia the First!  I have to admit it is my favorite show on Disney Junior, Sophia is sweet and smart and nice to everyone.

 My mom recently gave me a wedding dress cookie cutter to make cookies for my sister-in-law, who is getting married next year.  I can't wait to make little wedding dresses, but since that wedding is a year and a half away I decided to use it to make Sophia dresses for now.  I think the cutter would work for many different princess dresses, but since Sophia is on daily in our house, I was inspired!

I have to tell you they are far from perfect, but I was honestly surprised at how well they turned out!

First I sketched with edible marker what I wanted the dress to look like on the cookie.

Then I flooded the cookie with 15 second lavender icing, leave the center panel.  I let this dry for a few minutes.

Then flooded the center panel of the dress.  I had to make new icing between these two steps and it ended up a slightly different color.  It was not intentional, but I think it gave the dress a little depth.

I added the white in between the dress panels.  This icing was more like 20 second icing, a little thicker.

Then I added all the white details with the 20 second icing and of course the Amulet!  I knew Kate would ask first thing, where the Amulet was if I left it off.

I gave these to some of Kate's friends and they where a hit!  I will definitely be making them again!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Camera Cookies

I recently had an order for camera cookies for a birthday party celebrating Aliyah from Alimond Photography.  I went back and forth on whether to order a camera cutter, but since I am trying to be creative with cutters and save money, I searched my cookies cutters and came up with a combination that made great camera cookie shapes.

At the beginning of a project I'm always nervous about how things will turn out, but these lived up to all my expectations!


These are the two cutters I settled on to make the best camera shape.  I used them to do some sketches on paper first to make sure they would work.

Use the haunted house as the basic shape and then the tiara to take off the roof and make the top of the camera.  Cut off the excess pieces. ( Sorry about the lighting in the photos, I have to do my baking at night)

Starting to look like a camera right?

I flooded the cookies with black 20 second royal icing.  Be prepared to spend a lot of time dying black icing, it takes a lot of coloring gel!  Then I used a small circle cookie cutter and a scribble tool to scrape a perfect circle in the icing.

Then I added all the details.  Using 20 second icing for the camera lens (I did add Wilton white icing color to the left over black icing so that the lens was a little more gray in color).  20 second icing for the pink outline of the lens and white details using a size 3 Wilton tip.  I piped an A for Aliyah as personal touch, using stiff consistency icing and a Wilton size 1 tip.

I did have some set backs with the small white square of icing cratering, but I went over them again with icing and dried them quickly with a fan. That stopped the craters.

All boxed up ready to go!

I heard they were a huge hit at the party and nothing makes me happier!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Versatile Tulip Cutter

As I have said in past posts I am incredibly inspired by the blog The Adventures of Sweet Sugarbelle.  I love how she takes cookie cutters and re-purposes them to make unexpected cookie designs.  I have been trying to do this myself, however since I am relatively new to the world of cookie decorating my re-purposing has been on a pretty simple level so far.  The tulip cookie cutter has proven to be my favorite cutter so far to use for other purposes.  I don't think I have ever used as a flower!

I recently made some patriotic owl cookies, inspired by the 4th of July coming up and some owls I saw on Sweet Sugarbelle.  Hers were done with an egg cookie cutter and they are so cute!  I wanted to experiment with some other owl shapes so I used my trusty tulip cutter.   I really liked how they turned out.


I cut the tulips and then used the circle cutter to chop a divot where the tulip stem is, making the owls ears.


Then I flooded the owls with 20 second icing, letting my imagination go wild with different patriotic patterns.

I used flood icing for the eyes and a size 1 Wilton tip for the outlining, eye centers, belly feathers, and eye lashes.

I think they are seriously cute and there are so many possibilities! 

I also played around with a "Owl Always love you" stamp.

Alternative Tulip Cutter Uses

Another way I have used a tulip cutter, was to make strawberries.

I cut off the two side petals.  Please excuse the work space filled with cookie grease.

Voila!  Strawberry!